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November 1, 2023

Please also contact your Representatives, especially your Democrat State Reps. (Link below has contact info for Jasper Martus, Cynthia Neely and Amos O'Neal.)

8th District Legislators

Call Jaspar Martus (517) 373-1786

Call Cynthia Neely (517) 373-0834

Call Amos O’Neal (517) 373-0837


Susceptible Democrat Legislators:

Call Alabas Farhat (517) 373-0144

Call Jenn Hill (517) 373-0498

Call Denise Metzer (517) 373-1774


Full list of Democrat Representatives:



If you have not already done so, please call your State Representative and ask them to VOTE NO on SB 474-477 and HB 5120-5123 AND HB 5207

SB 474-477 will

  • remove many basic health and safety protections for women;
  • repeal informed consent;
  • remove the partial-birth abortion ban;
  • allow for tax-payer funded abortion;
  • and more!

Ask your Democrat State Representatives to stand with Rep. Whitsett and oppose using Medicaid funding intended for the elderly on elective abortion procedures. 

HB 5120-5123 will

  • take the choice of solar and wind regulations away from local municipalities;
  • place all local solar and wind zoning decisions into the hands of the State government, unilaterally; 
  • IN SOME CASES take away the rights of local property owners who do not want solar or wind production on their lands;
  • make Michigan (and the U.S.A.) energy dependent on China;
  • and more. 

For more information, please read these:

PRESS RELEASE from Rep. David Martin

EDITORIAL from Reps. Bierlein, Schuette and Filler

FB Message from Rep Beson

HB 5207 Surrogacy Bill

House Bills 5207-5215 make up a new proposed act governing paid surrogacy contracts. You can read the bills starting here. The bills were introduced last week, will be taken up by the House Judiciary Committee this morning at 10:30, and are expected to be voted out of committee. If this happens, the bills will move to the floor for a final vote.

For many years, Michigan has allowed voluntary, altruistic surrogates, but has banned "rent-a-womb" practices that treat children like commodities for sale and exploit poor and vulnerable women.

There are multiple problems with the proposed policy:

  • The US Constitution prohibited treating human beings as contractual property when slavery was abolished. This law takes human rights and human dignity backward, relegating the unborn to a mere commodity status that may be sold for profit or discarded (via abortion) if the buyer changes their mind. 
  • Contracts proposed under this new bill package will allow women to be treated much like indentured servants for the 9-month pregnancy period, selling the rights to their own bodies. 
  • Surrogacy for hire is the #1 factor in reproductive human trafficking, and this act opens the door wide for international "health tourism" and the exploitation of women and children
  • This act (in HB 5209) repeals the protection against using intellectually disabled and minor females as surrogates (meaning legal guardians could sell the rights to their bodies for profit)
  • It leaves surrogate women legally unprotected, because it requires that they use an attorney paid for by the "intended parents", meaning no attorney works exclusively for the surrogate mother to ensure she is protected. 
  • Women who conceive as surrogates are at least 26x more likely to have serious complications during pregnancy, including a higher risk of death.
  • It defines the child in the womb of the surrogate as not being a child (worthy of government protection) until after the child is born
  • It gives the state the power to define define what a family is and what a parent is (whether the parent of a natural born child, IVF child, surrogate child, etc...in an unprecedented way. This could have long term ramifications that harm traditional families in many ways.
  • The package gives no consideration as to what is best for the child and provides them with no advocate; it only looks out of the selfish motives of adults.
  • Children of surrogates are created to be harmed with what is called the "primal wound", the harm of being forcibly taken away from the only mother they have ever known, and sold to another "family". Being stripped from the mother at birth has been shown to cause lifelong psychological trauma to the child. 
  • It treats children as a right, not a gift from God.

These are just a few of our concerns with this package. You can read the testimony drafted by our staff here.

We urge you to join us in prayer that legislators will act to protect the inherent dignity of all human life created in the image of God. Please also contact your representative and share your concerns. They need to hear how they can represent your values!


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