Constitution Day Dinner 2023

Our Constitution Day Dinner was held Friday, September 15 at the Horizons Event Center in Saginaw. We had two great guest speakers: 

Loren Spivack (Free Market Warrior) "Why We Fight: Understanding the Modern Left."  With Spivack's entertaining teaching style, this presentation will be one you don't soon forget! Loren Spivack, founder of Free Market Warrior, is a highly sought after speaker for conservative and libertarian organizations. Drawing from his extensive consulting and fund-raising experience over the past 20 years for both non-profits and commercial enterprises, he also teaches study groups on classical economic theory. Learn more about Loren Spivack  by clicking here.

William Wagner (Great Lakes Justice Center) "Lex Rex or Rex Lex - The Proper Scope of Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Power - and the Constitutional Liberty Limiting its Exercise."  Professor Wagner will present on how the American people can use strategic citizen statesmanship to restore good governance under the rule of law. Learn more about William Wagner by clicking here.

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